The 3rd Space Agency. Creatively materialising personas, narratives and audiovisual artefacts for our new third spaces in the emerging virtual and mixed realities. We work with a diverse range of technology providers, developers and engineers to manifest new opportunities for creative expression. We live to explore and curate new realities with innovative and disruptive artists.

 Fantom Sensory Remixer

Remixing Reality with Massive Attack

3rd Space work with Massive Attack to develop a range of innovative technologies to enhance their recorded and live engagement. The Fantom Sensory Remixer allows listeners to remix the band's music and more using the sensors on their smartphones and watches then share them with one another. 

 Bjork Digital

Building a Techno Utopia with Bjork

We've been working with Bjork since 2014 to assist the manifestation of her work into the evolving new mediums of virtual and mixed reality. From ground breaking psychoacoustic audio narrative tours at MOMA to 360 VR videos, fully immersive game engine music videos to real time motion capture avatar transportations...