Andrew Melchior

Andrew Melchior


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"The sense of presence that can be conjured up using depth-based techniques to create ‘holograms’. I think also the empathy that can be developed for people and places. I think creatively and educationally these two facets are amazing opportunities for the future." Discussing Bjork Digital Creative Review October 2016 


Andrew Melchior, Project manager, Third Space - CITY AM

Melchior worked on the recent Bjork Digital exhibition at Somerset House, which showcased a series of the singer’s VR music videos. These short films placed the audience in scenes including the Icelandic highlands and the inside of the singer’s mouth. “Bjork has always been a pioneer,” he says.

“She was one of the first artists bringing electronic music from the dance scene into the mainstream. She was working with CGI, making amazing videos with Michel Gondry, really pushing boundaries. She’s a self-confessed nerd but she’s careful not be completely consumed by it. We have to be cautious we don’t use new technology for the sake of it – it needs to be effective in telling a story.

“The idea of a computer being able create real-time graphics to represent you is pretty profound and creates challenges in itself: do you give people “hands”? Do you allow them autonomy? Bjork’s idea was a bit like Plato’s cave – having interactions with things but remaining static. Interestingly, in terms of story-telling, the wheels seem to have turned full circle. I studied Shakespearian drama and it feels that a lot of the challenges and opportunities of theatre are reemerging. Instead of linearity – a director just showing you a fixed view – we’re actually harking back to more theatrical methods.”