Andrew Melchior

Andrew Melchior


It all started when...

After a childhood filled with the wonders of building televisions, radios and (primitive) synthesisers with his time served electronics engineer grandfather (ex Royal Corps of Signals), Andrew embarked on a journey to use his passion for electronics, music and art to visualise and create new forms of media. 

After building his own computers, programming early MIDI keyboards, he went on to develop innovations for EMI Music including working with David Bowie to develop the first live digital 5.1 cinema broadcast system, microblogging tools for touring artists and exploring and developing new technical and commercial models for digital music players and mobile phones. 

He now works across multimedia, connecting researchers, inventors, engineers, performers and dynamic digital companies to bring about the 'adjacent possible'.


In the media

"The sense of presence that can be conjured up using depth-based techniques to create ‘holograms’. I think also the empathy that can be developed for people and places. I think creatively and educationally these two facets are amazing opportunities for the future." Discussing Bjork Digital Creative Review October 2016